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Putting the Mainstream Cultural Narrative on Trial

The sexual revolution was supposed to make us happy.

We were told that promiscuous sex, money, and power were the most important things in life, and that we should focus on these goals at the expense of settling down and raising a family.

We were told that when we did get around to thinking about family, there is no normative model, and as such it makes no difference if kids live with one parent, or two moms, or two dads, or whatever.

We were told that it also does not matter if children get sold through surrogacy, or if adults decide to never get married or become parents.

We were told that every lifestyle choice is valid and equally healthy, from homosexuality to polyamory to prostitution, and you can find happiness in any of them.

We were told that divorce is essentially consequence free and that even if children have a hard time at first, they are resilient and will harbor no long lasting effects.

We were told that the hook-up culture on campuses is enjoyable for students, and that “exploring their sexuality” during college is an essential and healthy part of growing up.

We were told that pornography is morally neutral (and can even be a help for couples) and that consuming porn is harmless and producing it (such as running an OnlyFans account) is just another valid career choice.

We were told that the means men and women use to live out these principles, such as using contraception and having abortions, are consequence free. There is no long lasting physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual damage.


The fact is, we were lied to. And we continue to be lied to. In reality, the sexual revolution has wreaked havoc on society and left people miserable. The breakdown of the traditional family has been one of the greatest destructive forces in history. This film will tell the story of exactly how and why. 

It will also provide the way forward, and present a positive case for historic Christian teaching on this subject. Too often the classic Christian position is understood as “Just say no” to everything fun about life. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Christianity has very good reasons for its doctrines, and as Don travels the country talking to experts and those that have been involved in the lifestyles our culture promotes, you will get a much clearer picture of what those are.

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$500.00 – Reversing the Revolution Resource Pack 2

Copies of The Sexual State by Jennifer Roback Morse, The Anti-Mary Exposed by Carrie Gress, Primal Loss by Leila Miller, and Why Humanae was Right by Janet Smith.

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